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Posted on 2007.07.11 at 14:48

Posted on 2006.11.12 at 18:28
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Well not long back from Glasgow seeing my some of the family and stuff. Did a car boot sale and made just over £80! Woo! Brilliant. That will help me towards Christmas, hopefully.
So, I need to get a starton my graded unit. Need to start thinking of research ideas and stuff. I have two days off tomorrow and tuesday. So, that will give me some time to do it. Also need to wrap up Fergus' birthday presents.
So yeah, that's an update, my life has been pretty boring of late.

- Marianne x


Posted on 2006.10.31 at 20:18
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Well the Hallowe'en Party at the Nursery went really well today. We had 8 skeletons, 6 Batmans, 4 Princesses and many more! My personal favourite though was a boy dressed as the Grim Reeper! But they were all great. A lot of great ideas. I just dressed up as a little cat, didn't want to go overboard though, cause children do get confused. So that was great, all the children seemed to have a good time.

So, after I finished work, I took a slow walk to the train station. Loved the cold weather while walking. Makes a change.

So now I'm just watching River City, yus! Lol. Then I shall be watching Ghostbusters with Fergus. No in the mood for doing anything, technically already had 2 Hallowe'en parties and I got college tomorrow. And Wednesdays at college = not good.

I have a really sore leg. I must've done something to it, it was fine this morning. Then when I came home and sat down it felt like it was burning. Ah well just hope it's ok tommorow for that walk to college tomorrow.

Marianne x

Another Week...

Posted on 2006.09.28 at 21:00
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Well that's another week gone by. Don't really count Fridays as part of the week since I have a day off. But with all the work I've been getting lately, I think I'll be using the Friday's to work. Today in my Contemporary Issues class, we touched on some Sociology stuff and I found it really interesting. So now, if I'm going to do Psychology at Univeristy, I might so a joint degree with Sociology. So on Tuesday I'm heading over to Falkirk for a University sort of day. Hopefully make my mind up for good.
Today, after college, I bought Sex and The City box set. Good price. So been watching some episodes of that. And now I'm watching Extras. So, tomorrow I need to wirte up a few things, and read a few books then enjoy the weekend while it lasts.
Nothing much else happened this week.

- Marianne x

I'm 20!

Posted on 2006.09.18 at 22:31
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That's me, into my third decade of life! Scary. Had a nice birthday though. Went bowling with Arlene and Zoe! Had great fun! Then went to my parents over the weekend. Got nice presents, including my sony walkman I've wanted for ages.
I also bought a new laptop, after my old one died on me. So, all I need to do now is get Office 2003 and I can get started on my ECDL. But it is a lovely laptop. Neat and compact and a lot higher spec than my other.

I started my new placement today for college. College is pretty cool this year. Back with the old gang! Going to do Child Psychology through ICS next year and get a diploma. Woo! Lol! My placement is great. Great kids and the staff are so nice. So I'm there for a week this week. But I can't wait until the weekend to get a lie in. And off to see Clerks 2 on friday....hopefully!

- Marianne x

Back home

Posted on 2006.08.18 at 15:16
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Well, just got back home yesterday from Glasgow. Me and Fergus were watching over my aunts house and her cats. It was nice to have a whole house to ourselves, with the exception of my brother coming over every day. I loved watching after her cats. They are little darlings.

We went to the Palace Royale for a meal to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. It was lovely. And just chilled out the rest of the week.

I got an A in my exams! Well chuffed! I really wasn't expecting it, but I got it. So I'm back next year to do the next level. :) We don't start getting paid until the day we go back. Which is strange, but I'll be able to go out after and get all the things I need.

So, my mission now is to get this room tidied. It is a bomb site. So I shall be attending to that now and probably the rest of night.

- Marianne x

Posted on 2006.07.27 at 22:26
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I'm starting to get really sick of this heat we are getting. Everyone who knows me, knows I can't stand the sun that much. We've already had two heatwaves this summer, and theres another one on the way. :( Stop the misery. I just hope the weather isn't like this when college starts back. Be a killer walking up that hill in the morning.

So, today I've just been lazying around. Watched some trailers, nothing really decent out at all. Except Superman! :D Want to go see it again!! Can't remember the last movie I've loved this much. Still no news on Clerks 2 being released in the UK. Makes me sad :( And I've heard of all these people going to see it, and they've never seen the first one!! How could they! LOL. Don't think the second one will beat the first one though. I think the next movie I want to see is Ghost Rider. Looks wicked. But that's not until Feburary.

Me and Fergus having been talking about going to Japan, bascially just to go to Konami and praise it. But I really want to take him to St. James' Park for his 21st. Hopefully go on a tour and watch a game. But guess I'll need to see how money is.

I'm going to try talk Fergus into watching Interstate 60 tonight. He says he wants to see something different. And it has a few actors that he likes in it. Chrisopher LLoyd, Michael J Fox and I think he likes Gary Oldman. And of course, he's slowly starting to like James Marsden since he saw him in Superman. Yay for me!

- Marianne

Red Eye Begins....

Posted on 2006.07.24 at 15:14
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Well, me and Fergus have started the set designs for our little production project. Mostly written the script thing, but we still need a few more props, hence why we're taking a trip to Birmingham soon. It's a silly thing to do really, filming with figures, but we just haven't got the time or money to start with real-life action things yet. Hoping to get a video camera for my Christmas, or even with money I'm saving up. Then the real fun begins, lol. But I guess this is something to pass the time. It is Fergus' creation, but it's nice that I can help along the way.
I was flicking through the movie channels, and I've noticed there are 3 Christmas movies on. Quite strange. It's July.
I've got three universities that I'm thinking about going to. Either Stirling, Dundee or Paisley. Stirling is my top option at the moment. They have a good Psychology department. But then again so does Glasgow Caledonian. But doubt I would get in there. Stirling seems to be the only one that offers part time, hence why it is my favourite so far. And the fact that I am hoping to move to Stirling in the very near future.

- Marianne

Posted on 2006.04.17 at 16:54
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Happy Belated Easter! I got a Galaxy egg, woohoo! Thank you Anne.

Well I haven't been up too much during the break, went to my cousin Carol Anne's 21st, and it was a blast. Funny to see some people again being drunk and silly dancing. Poor Carol Anne though, hung over on her birthday. I wasn't hungover but I was really sick when I got home that night. Everytime someone bought me a drink (thank you everyone) I got shots with it too. But glad there was a buffett or else I would've really been sick. Loved talking to Barzy again! His kids are so sweet looking. And good old Ellen, double brandy all night. And of course little Gabrielle requesting Morrissey for me, and no one danced when it came on!! Shocked! Great night though...

Following day....CAs actual birthday, was great too. Having the little house party....but all that food...it was too much. Andrew was so funny.

Came home yesterday, and Sandy came to see us. Followed by Micheal then Stuart. It was good, and today, I've just been sitting sround savouring my last day of break. Good to get some time off. Rest of the week I shall be working in the school, then back to college on Monday. Actually looking forward to go back to college rather than going back to school.....

Posted on 2005.12.18 at 19:09
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just got back from glasgow, at there for the weekend since it's near x-mas and all. finally got the last of my christmas list, the x-factor dvd, lol, thought i wouldve never be buying that. but anything for my aunt :)
got everything done now, tags written out, presents all packed to go to glasgow and the tree that my gran gavce us is up, yay! it's all lighty, i shall call it....sparkle :D
so i'm planning to go do my walking soon, then watch some tv then play some silent hill, and bed.
need to plan some activites forthe nursery kids this week, should be fun.
i did my exam for child development on friday, think it went ok. then did my talk, went ok. still nervour tho. but atleast that's me finished for college until next year.

well that's all for now...check in later xx

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